Starring cordis and LehrerDance and The Muse

Welcome to the World of Kaleidescopika

If the Fairy Tale worlds of Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland had been created using dance, multi-media and music as their canvas, the result would be KALEIDESCOPIKA! This exquisitely crafted journey into the imagination wraps the audience in a richly sublime feast for the senses.

The performance combines a kaleidoscope of breath-taking elements, much like the the enthralling dance pieces of Pilobolus and the Euro-whimsical shows of Cirque Du Soleil, married to and the lusciously concieved stadium rock shows such as Pink Floyd and Coldplay. In the world of KALEIDESCOPIKA, the power of these diverse energies collide and create a new universe of art, imagination and the ever-expanding magnitude of the human spirit!



The KALEIDESCOPIKA production brings together the most thrilling elements of today’s most popular contemporary arts:

KALEIDESCOPIKA will steal you away to the most inner corners of your imagination to a world where the reality is no longer the confines of the cocoon, but the eternally expanding eyes of the ever soaring butterfly that lies within the human soul!